We all have our favorite things to carry with us when on the slopes. Aside from the obvious essentials (such as your pass, good gear and waterproof pants), here are my top 5 items to have with me while on the slopes:

1) Sunscreen: At most ski areas, you are generally at or above 10,000 feet. I always apply (and re-apply!) sunscreen throughout the day to avoid a sunburn (and prevent skin cancer). Everyone loves to show off their goggle tan but I would rather save my skin.

2) Hand warmers: Even with today’s technology, forecasters are not 100% when it comes to predicting the weather. So I always keep hand warmers in my pocket just in case the temperature suddenly changes. It also helps when you have little ones nearby because if you are cold, children are probably freezing.

3) Snacks: Skiing takes a lot of energy and sometimes you just need a little pick me up. I like to carry power bars (Luna is my favorite) or those little power gels. These little snacks can help you throughout the day. Children also need snacks so putting a couple options in their jacket will keep them happy (and you too!).  Remember that these snacks are literally on-the-go so don’t pack anything messy.

4) Water: It can be difficult to keep your body hydrated while on the slopes but this is important. I always see people coming down with altitude sickness while on vacation. This can be simply remedied with some water.

5) Insurance card: I don’t want to ever jinx myself…but in case of an accident I always keep my insurance card on my person while on the slopes. You never know what’s going to happen.

So those are my essentials. What are yours?