Wolf Creek opened over the weekend and unfortunately I have had a cold and decided to stay home. If you were able to go, I am officially jealous!

The annual ski swap starts tonight and if you are looking for gear, this event is a must. Here are some tips for those of you who have never attended a swap. You will want this heads up because, unless you are really lucky,  you might not run into a volunteer who knows what it’s going on. Some people just want to sell their gear and will not listen to what you need.

1) Know your boot size. Nothing is worse than spending $200+ on new boots, only to get on the slopes and realize that you are wearing a size that is too large. Trust me. I am NOT talking about a size 8 or 10. You need to measure your feet and learn your mondo size (almost all shoe stores are able to measure your feet). This will save you trouble in the long run.
Also, parents: please restrain from buying your child a larger size because they will grow out of it next year. This will only hurt your child’s performance on the slopes. Think about renting for a season or passing the boots along to the next child. When kids show up in adult boots, they have a a lot of trouble progressing their skill set.

2) Board/Ski size: Generally speaking, your gear should be around your chin when upright. Your needs will change as you progress and you might get larger or smaller gear, but using the chin rule is easiest when starting out.

3) Clothing: Buy clothing that fits! You may want to get a size larger than normal to accommodate the extra layers you will wear on a cold day. If you can’t bend your knees in those pants, get a larger size! If you can’t walk normally, how do you expect to ski/board?

Hopefully these basics will help you on your next swap adventure. If you have any additional suggestions, let me know in the comments below.

Have fun!